YellowPepper, HST Sign Pact For Device-Based Payments

YellowPepper, HST Sign Pact For Device-Based Payments

Payment technology firms, HST and YellowPepper announced today that they are forming a strategic alliance to advance digital and device-based payments in Latin America. The goal is to expand and enhance the cashless payment purchase experience throughout Latin America and the Caribbean by delivering payment technology that is secure and easy to use.

“This is a strategic union where each partner brings something different and complementary to the table. By offering the best solutions from each company; tokenization, EMV 3D-Secure, P2P and Instant Card Issuance, we will accelerate innovation in digital payment technology and strengthen our positions in the LATAM marketplace,” Eduardo Cunha, CEO of HST.

“Our clients want more and more of a one stop shop provider to help them accelerate their digital offerings in the market. This strategic partnership with HST will help us bring them the best-in-breed solutions in a single simple and secure platform,” said Serge Elkiner, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at YellowPepper.

HST and Yellow Pepper will form a strategic partnership to create a consolidated offering where clients can get everything they need under one roof. Together, the two companies will deliver Fintech solutions to banks and retailers in the region and accelerate innovation in digital payment technology.

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