US Firm Offers N95 Masks Available For Immediate Delivery To Domestic & International Destinations

US Firm Offers N95 Masks Available For Immediate Delivery To Domestic & International Destinations

G&T Consulting, led by German Trejo, has confirmed, that it has available stocks of  genuine 3M and other branded N95 masks, as well as versions by other manufacturers available for rapid delivery. In addition to these critical supplies, Trejo indicates that the firm has other essential products available.

“We are experiencing a combination of high-level logistics and government coordination like never seen before.”—Germán Trejo, CEO of G&T Consulting

“The world is experiencing a unique situation: there is highly much more demand than supply. We have a strategic advantage. In the past 20 years we have built key alliances with manufacturers and warehouses but also count with the trust of government leaders and top decision makers in several countries. That combination allows us to help different nations to access life saving medical supplies without going to a process filled with charlatans and brokers that make these items more expensive and take valuable time to deliver,” Trejo told Finance Colombia.

3M N95 Mask

1860 S, SKU 70070614378

10,000,000$5.70 CIFSingaporeFDA, CE5-7 days
3M N95 Mask

1860, SKU 70070612364

300,000,000$5.70 CIFSingaporeFDA, CE5-7 days
3M N95 Mask, Model 1870+ SKU 70070614378100,000,000$5.75 CIFSingaporeFDA, CE5-7 days
N95 NIOSH Mask3,000,000

can increase

$3.10 CIFChinaFDA, CE, NIOSHImmediately
N95 Mask10,000,000

can increase

$3.88 FOBChina


FDA5-7 days
N95 Mask5,000,000

can increase

$2.63 FOBChina


CE5-7 days
KN95 Mask10,000,000

can increase

$2.10  – $2.45 CIFChinaImmediately


  • Payment conditions for 3M: 50% deposit of order upon signing of contract on Escrow account at Goldman Sachs, balance of 50% via TT upon inspection of goods at destination. All payments in USD
  • For Other Products: Letter of Credit or Escrow account (prefered). Release of funds upon inspection of goods at destination. All payments in USD
German Trejo, image provided by the subject.

German Trejo, founder of G&T Consulting

“The manufacturers that we have relation with, have many years of experience dealing with logistics around the world. However, the most important piece is that our team has is the capacity to create intelligent strategies and problem-solving ideas,” adds Trejo. “For example, some of our manufacturers have hired private charter airplanes for large quantity orders. In addition, we work with different governments that have made their airfleet available, including military airplanes, to transport medical supplies to their countries.”

“In addition, I would like to let you know that we currently have COVID-19 Rapid Test Kits and Ventilators (Invasive and Non-Invasive).  If you are interested, please let us know at your earliest convenience, as these products are experiencing high demand globally,” says Trejo. “Feel free to reach me at any time at +1202 670-9699 or [email protected] .”

This sponsored content is provided as a courtesy to readers currently searching for critical supplies. This publication is not involved in or responsible for any transaction or delivery.


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