NICE Wins Two Stevie Awards for Customer Service at Annual Industry Gala

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Hoboken, New Jersey-based software and cloud services provider NICE was recently recognized for customer service excellence with two Stevie Awards at an annual industry ceremony in Las Vegas.

At the 11th Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service gala, NICE was honored with the “Silver Stevie Award” in the “Contact Center Solution” for its Total Voice of the Customer (TVOC) solution. It also received the bronze award for its NICE Customer Journey Optimization (CJO) in the “Business Intelligence Solution – New Version” category.

“Entries to the Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service continue to grow every year, further validating the essential role good customer service plays in business success,” said Michael Gallagher, president and founder of the Stevie Awards. “We congratulate NICE for standing out in two of our new product and service categories, demonstrating the company’s commitment to excellence and innovation, and its ongoing contribution to the customer service industry.”

NICE provided the following descriptions for its two award-winning solutions:

NICE Total Voice of the Customer

  • “NICE TVOC captures customer feedback from multiple interaction channels, surveys, chat transcripts, call recordings, Twitter feeds, and more. With multichannel speech and text analytics, presented in a single platform, the solution breaks down silos and provides a unified understanding of the voice of the customer, how to engage them, and what would contribute to long-term loyalty and advocacy. Integrated with other NICE technologies, TVOC can issue real-time alerts regarding customer experience issues, drive optimal decision-making and employee coaching, and promote process improvements across the enterprise.”

NICE Customer Journey Optimization

  • “The NICE CJO solution leads the way in marrying customer journey mapping to deep analytical capabilities, empowering brands to understand why different customers behave differently at multiple touchpoints, which journeys are most common, which processes generate customer frustration and churn, and where opportunities exist to engender further loyalty. NICE CJO is the only comprehensive offering in the marketplace that combines customer identity resolution, customer journey visualization, integrated business intelligence capabilities, functional and flexible dashboards, trend analysis, and scalability. This ensures brands deploy effective self-service mechanisms, optimize digital containment, and generate the strongest possible ROI from their customer journey technology investment.”

Miki Migdal, president of the NICE enterprise product group, said he was proud to see the company receive such prestigious honors.

“NICE is constantly innovating and developing new solutions to help organizations reinvent customer service,” said Migdal. “The recognition we’ve received further positions NICE among the movers and shakers in the market, and reinforces our commitment to technology leadership.”

Photo credit: Stevie Awards

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