Nearshore Software Outsourcer Gorilla Logic Acquires Modernist Studio

Nearshore Software Outsourcer Gorilla Logic Acquires Modernist Studio

Software outsourcing firm Gorilla Logic  backed by the private equity firm Sverica Capital Management, today announced that it has acquired Austin, Texas design botique Modernist Studio. Gorilla Logic says this partnership enables the firm to support clients from the inception of an idea all the way through to the final stages of execution.

“Historically, clients come to us with their vision, and we provide the know-how to build it. Modernist Studio joining Gorilla Logic gives us the ability to offer a much more complete set of product and software services—Ideate, Innovate, Design, Build, and Deliver. This span of services truly differentiates us in a growing market,” says Gorilla Logic CEO, Daniel Berg.

Founded in 2002, Gorilla Logic provides custom software development services for mobile, web, and enterprise applications. With 700+ employees throughout Colombia, Costa Rica, and the United States, Gorilla Logic says it will partner with the team at Modernist Studio to offer a more holistic experience to their clients, and that this acquisition ensures that the designs created by Modernist Studio can be fully realized by skilled developers. According to Berg, “Adding ideation and innovation to our build and deliver offerings will enable us to support more companies in their digital innovation. We’ll have increased opportunities to get in on the ground floor of projects and design with development in mind. This synergy will create a more seamless client experience.”

Gorilla Logic builds products for a variety of industries, including media and entertainment, retail and e-commerce, healthcare, travel and leisure, technology, financial and legal services, infotech and industrial goods.

“By combining Modernist’s strategic thinking and craft with the speed and capability of a world-class development team, our ability to help our clients realize change will be stronger than ever,” Matthew Franks, CEO of Modernist Studio, says. Franks will join the Gorilla Logic Executive Team and continue running Modernist Studio with his co-founders, Jon Kolko and Chad Fisher.


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