Jorge Sequeira Picado Retires from Costa Rica’s CINDE Investment Promotion Agency

Jorge Sequeira Picado Retires from Costa Rica’s CINDE Investment Promotion Agency

Costa Rica’s Investment Promotion Agency (CINDE), responsible for attracting foreign direct investment to Costa Rica, reports that Jorge Sequeira Picado, Managing Director for the organization, has decided to leave his position at the close of March 2023.

“After analyzing this for more than a year, I have decided – and informed the CINDE Board of Directors and my team of lead professionals – that it is time to pass the baton and open an opportunity to new leaders, so that they may continue with the excellent work carried out…CINDE is a bastion for the country’s development, and it has been an honor to be part of such an important organization,”  said Sequeira.

The president of CINDE’s Board of Directors, Eric Scharf indicated that following the official announcement, the institution began the process of candidate search analysis and selection for the next person to assume this position. The board of directors directly leads the selection process, which is carried out based on a professional profile that addresses the agency’s area of expertise.

“We thank Jorge for the incredible leadership he has shown in his almost one decade with CINDE, during which he has directly contributed to modernizing the agency, improving CINDE’s quality standards, and positively impacting Costa Rica’s development. His period was distinguished by leading a high-performance team that works every day to collaborate on creating employment for Costa Ricans,” stated Scharf.

CINDE Senior Manager Margarita Umaña has been designated as the point person to aid in the transition. Ms. Umaña, who has a track record of more than 25 years in the foreign trade sector, will support the transition when Mr. Sequeira officially departs, and the selection process is finalized. Umaña and the rest of the management team will continue to lead the agency’s various organizational functions once Mr. Sequeira is gone.

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