Jamaica To Receive New Ambassador From Colombia

Jamaica To Receive New Ambassador From Colombia

Thursday, President Iván Duque inaugurated Jairo Clopatofsky Ghisays (above, seated) as Ambassador of Colombia in Jamaica, entrusting him with the mission of deepening the cooperation agenda with Jamaica, and the Caribbean in general.

“You will also have the task of putting Colombia, which is a Caribbean country, on that agenda,” said Duque, after taking Clopatosky’s oath, who had served since 2018 as Presidential Advisor for the Participation of People with Disabilities.

Duque expressed “admiration and appreciation” for Clopatofsky’s work in defense of the rights of persons with disabilities.

During the ceremony, Duque highlighted the ambassador’s past work “for a national agenda that protects, protects, guarantees and opens spaces for people with disabilities,” stressing that, for the first time, a National Development Plan in Colombia has an integral component with a budget tracer “so that the offering for people with disabilities is accurate and effective.”

Duque stressed that, in terms of the inclusion of people with disabilities in public administration, “the figures that have really been reached are historical.”

Clopatofsky Ghisays, born in Cartagena in 1961, is a business administrator, with studies in Political Science at the Javeriana University, and a master’s degree in Public Administration at Harvard University. He was a senator of the Republic, lower house legislator, and served as Director of Coldeportes, the institute that later became the Colombian Ministry of Sports.

Photo credit: César Carrión, Presidency of Colombia

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