Jack Henry & Associates Acquires Account Opening Specialist Bolts Technologies

Payment processor Jack Henry & Associates, Inc. (NASDAQ: JKHY) has acquired Bethlehem, Pennsylvania-based Bolts Technologies, Inc., a company that specializes in digital account opening through its BoltsOpen solution

The Missouri-based company, which just acquired investment customer service fulfillment agency Agiletics, Inc. last week, said in a statement that it made the acquisition in response to the growing demand for fast and easy online and mobile account opening services.

In particular, Ron Moses, general manager of consumer and commercial solutions at Jack Henry, credited the company’s strong¬†user experience, security, and self-service customization.

“BoltsOpen is a truly innovative account opening solution that diverse banks and credit unions need to meet the evolving expectations of their existing and prospective accountholders,” said Moses.

BoltsOpen will be available to Jack Henry & Associates’ core bank and credit union clients, and to the non-core clients supported by its ProfitStars division, the company stated.