Ibex Rewards 2 Jamaican Contact Center Employees With New Cars

Ibex Rewards 2 Jamaican Contact Center Employees With New Cars

Ibex Digital, a unit of Ibex Global held an event to reward two top performing employees with a car giveaway drawing called “This is How We Roll” last Wednesday, with winners selected randomly from over 850 tickets. The two winners of the cars are Ibex agent Mounirah Alexander and team manager Karissa Chambers-Barker.

The Ibex agents belong to the ibex digital sales force that fields calls from digital ads for AT&T services, and employees earned tickets by making sales for the AT&T corporate client at the Ibex’s Portmore center. Portmore is a bedroom community 20 minutes outside the Jamaican capital of Kingston. The event featured Ibex employees singing and dancing to open and close the program in an outdoor venue created specifically for the event.

“It was an exciting moment when the tickets were drawn,” said Jeff Cox, president of Ibex Digital. “We were very pleased to be able to be able to offer a prize that could potentially be life changing for the two winners. However, we also recognized all of our employees on the Ibex Digital AT&T account who have worked hard and demonstrated a very high level of performance for us.”

The event was held in the parking lot of the Ibex Portmore location, where representatives from AT&T handed the winners their keys: one to a Toyota Vitz and the other to a Honda Fit. AT&T and Ibex collaborate to recognize and reward agents. Representatives from AT&T and Ibex committed to conduct another car giveaway next year.

Ibex Digital is an advanced digital marketing platform developed by Ibex Global launching advertising campaigns across any search, social, or display channel. The program is capable of effectively delivering clicks,  conversions, and increased ROI for many of the world’s most well-known brands.

PICTURED: Front row: Second from the left—Baker Jeff Cox-President of ibex Digital, Zulema Caruthers-VP of Operations ibex, Karissa Chambers-Barker-car winner & Team Manager ibex Digital, Mounirah Alexander-car winner & ibex agent, Liz Griffin- Assistant Vice President, AT&T

Photos courtesy Ibex Global

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