Digital Transformation in Wealth Management Conference Coming to San Francisco in September

For three days in San Francisco, the second edition of the Digital Transformation in Wealth Management conference will take over San Francisco.

Located strategically to connect financial sector professionals with Silicon Valley innovators, organizer GFMI, of Marcus Evans, says the city will offer a great opportunity for wealth managers to discover practical and digital tools that can lead to greater opportunities in the industry.

Various new technologies, including robo-advisors and other artificial intelligence-based applications, will be discussed in depth by a series of expert panelists and speakers.

Among the case studies that will be discussed are Invesco assessing how company’s can foster a cultural shift in wealth management to embrace innovation. BMO Financial Group will also offer practical advice for client onboarding strategies involving tech advances. And Charles Schwab will offer an overview of the current industry forces and trends that are shaping the future of wealth management.

“Industry experts will assess the best practices for leveraging and scaling robo-advice alongside traditional advice and how artificial intelligence and new digital capabilities can enhance financial planning and client onboarding processes,” said GFMI in a statement.

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