Arajet Has the Second Newest Aircraft Fleet in the Americas

Lynx Air, Arajet, and JetSmart has been identified as having the newest aircraft fleets in the Americas, according to a recent report analyzing carriers across the globe.

Coming in as the youngest of all, per industry analysis and news firm CH Aviation, is Canadian carrier Lynx Air, with an average aircraft age of just 2.81. Dominican low-cost startup Arajet is close behind at 2.93 years old, while Chilean low-cost airline JetSmart ranked third with an average age of 3.01 years old.

Globally, only Starlux Airline beat out the top two carriers in the Americas, with an average fleet age of just 2.04 years old.

“Our fleet, besides being among the most modern in the world, is also the most efficient and environmentally friendly fleet — thanks to the technology used by the Boeing 737 Max 8 that consumes less fuel and produces less sonic pollution than other aircrafts of its style,” said Victor Pacheco, CEO and founder of Arajet, in a release about the report.

Both Arajet and JetSmart have been working to increase their presence in Colombia over the past year.

Beyond their general growth trajectories in the region, executives for both airlines have noted that the exit of VivaAir and Ultra in 2023 left a void in the Colombian market — and created an opportunity for new entrants to service passengers who struggle to pay the higher fares demanded by market-dominant global carriers Avianca and LATAM Airlines.

“The failure of Viva and Ultra is not the model, it was more the circumstances,” said airline industry veteran Frederik Jacobsen in an interview with Finance Colombia last year.

“Latin America needs low-cost airlines, because air transportation is a public service, and Latin Americans need to travel,” he added. “It’s a very vast continent separated by jungles and mountains with very poor road systems still. Aviation is fundamental for the development of Latin America, and the only way to get those people on board is by offering low fares.”

(Photo credit: Arajet)

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